Wednesday, July 22, 2009

7/22 Updates

I have received the following awesome products in the mail:

Everyday Minerals Sample Pack - This came to me with 5 different things to test! 3 foundations, a blush and a concealer! I just got this yesterday and have not tested it yet!

Nellies Dryer Balls - The wonderful people were so sweet to send me some to test out and review. Tomorrow is laundry day so that review will happen tomorrow night.

The SUPER SWEET ladies at sent me some reusable produce bags to test out and I already have amazing things to say about their customer service! I wont be going to get produce until this weekend to their review will happen this weekend.

I also ordered 3 washable pantyliners from Mother Moon Pads. I want my blog to have a wide range of reviews on green living so I will be testing these out as well, I just haven't gotten my period yet lol. Anyways, I am also having a giveaway for one of them. I'll be updating about this giveaway later on today.

The Sweet people at Method also sent me 2 coupons for free Method products! So this weekend I will be picking some up and reviewing that as well! Tons of reviews this week!

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