Wednesday, July 29, 2009


My ChicoBags arrived today and I could not wait to use them!! I had to run out and get a few things at the store so I was happy! First, these bags are just gorgeous! Second, ChicoBags are another company with EXCEPTIONAL customer service! Becca Schwalm, the marketing coordinator for ChicoBags, is such a nice lady and so sweet! She absolutely went out of her way! She sent several bags, 2 of which I intend to give away!

Back to my review, these bags are worth every penny! The original ChicoBag is only $5.00 and holds 25 pounds easily. One gallon of milk is about 7 pounds, if you need a comparison. It is great not to have to lug 10 plastic bags up stairs when I can just use 2 or 3 of these! They are so cute, they come with an attached pouch that you can stuff the bag part into and cinch up with a drawstring. They also come with a little clip to attach to whatever you please! I clipped one to my keychain so I will never be without a reusable bag! I know a very big problem for people wanting to use reusable bags is forgetting them! No forgetting with these bad boys!

There are currently 3 different bags you can purchase, the Original ChicoBag, ChicoBag Vita, which is bigger and holds 40 pounds and will run you $8.00, and the ChicoBag rePETe, made from 7 recycled plastic bottles! The rePETe retails for $9.00.

Everyone run and go buy these bags, they are sooo affordable, and you are helping the environment! Everyone should ban those plastic grocery bags and use these instead! Amazing! I don't intend to ever buy any other type of reusable grocery bag. These are also much more stylish than the 99 cent ones sold at my local grocery store!

If you want to purchase a ChicoBag, go here:


If you want a ChicoBag of your very own, I am happily giving away two original ChicoBags! One is brown and one is pink. If you would like a shot at winning one of these bags, simply leave me a comment! Tell me why you want a ChicoBag, how crunchy you are, why you went green or any other eco-friendly comment and you will be eligible to win! Names will be drawn using a number generator. Contest duration is July 29, 2009 to August 15, 2009! I can't wait to give these away guys! Winners will be posted on this blog. Please leave your name and city you are from. When the contest is over you will then be able to supply me with your mailing information via email. Thanks!


  1. I would like to win a ChicoBag because I love using cloth grocery bags over getting a whole bunch of stupid plastic bags. I would say I'm semi-crunchy because I try to go as natural as my income will allow, no vax, cloth diapering, natural remedies, etc.
    You can find my contact info in my blogger profile if you need to.

    Billings, MT

  2. Love your blog! I intend to follow. There are several reasons why I wanted to become 'green', the main two are ... Its better for our family and secondly, God commanded us to take care of His creation!

    I am pretty crunchy... homebirth, cloth diapering, babywearing, co-sleeping, try to shop organic, natural remedies.

    I already have a couple of chico bags that I love!

  3. Way to go ladies! I will be following both of you! I really wish I could have done a home birth, but I had 2 c-sections and will continue to have them. A healthy baby makes me a happy mama though!

  4. I would love to be entered! I have 1 chico bag now and I LOVE it!! It's my favorite of my reusable bags that I have :)

    I am kind crunchy, probably get more & more each day - haha!! I use reusable grocery bags, cloth diapers, make my own household cleaners, ebf my baby and babywearing, etc. I have been trying a lot over the past year to become more green for various reasons - it's better for our family & the environment(and our future grandkids that will live. And in many ways, it does help save money.

    By the way, you can head over to my blog and enter yourself for a $25 gift card to ecostore usa (a store that sells green cleaners and baby/personal care products).

  5. I am gettin kinda crunchy, too! Love your blog! I have been going green my whole life, as a previous poster says, its best for my family and its what God commands of us! I don't own any chico bags and would love to try one!
    Baraboo, Wisconsin

  6. Ooooh, love your work! I have two cloth grocery bags already, but I need more! Just as with cloth diapers, the green movement is sweeping my house. I'm soon converting our baggies, napkins, paper towels and TP over too. This is Lisa from Jefferson, WI!

  7. I love chico bags! Glad I came to check out your blog momma, it's been fun seeing the blogs that other DS mommas on the green board write!

    I am green because 1. I love the earth 2. I love God's creatures 3. God asked us to be stewards of this planet 4. I was raised that way 5. For my family's health and well being!

  8. I consider myself moderately green, but am learning more and more all the time. I went green for our future generations and for mother earth. We p/t CD, make our own cleaners, use cloth napkins, Recycle, reuse, repurpose, natural remedies, aromatherapy, trained doula, co-sleep, breastfeed, babywearing, CSA, Co-op loving and trying to do as much as possible and as much as our budget allows-which also means gettin' creative! I don't have a chico bag yet, but would love the opportunity to own one :D Thank you!

  9. I have one chico bag and I love it! I love how the bag rolls up in it's own little carrying pouch. I just throw it in my purse and it is so handy. I am also amazed at how much it can hold. I would love to win your giveaway because...obviously one bag is not enough. :-)
    As far as how crunchy I am???? Not as crunchy as some people but I use cloth diapers and wipes, essential oils, breastfeed, use as many organic products as I can afford, etc. Guess I am still a bit of a rookie.

  10. I don't have a chico bag, but I'd love one! We just have a few that were free from the car repair shop after we got hit, lol. We're semi-green. Having a baby changed things for me. I want the world to be better for him and the next on the way. We BF, cosleep, CD, babywear, eat some organic and use some organic products. Working on making the switch.
    Jen, colorado springs.

  11. Posting this for someone who had emailed me when I had it my email address on here!

    I would love to try a chico bag. I think my green thoughts were
    magnified when I had my second in diapers at one time. I couldn't
    believe the amount of trash we were producing. We made the change to
    cloth and love it. I am now expecting my third and plan on starting
    him in cloth. We had used cloth napkins before that, but mainly
    because we liked them and didn't like spending the $ on paper.