Sunday, August 30, 2009

Promises Promises

I am a slacker....but not intentionally! My reviews are written out on paper and just itching to be typed.

We needed to take a break from the internet this week because of issues with our apartment, random leaking and breaking through walls. We also spent today having some much needed family time at the zoo. So, that said, I will stop being a slacker and get my reviews and 2 contests posted! We have a BUSY day tomorrow, as my 7 month old gets her shots, and errands to run, like the library and grocery store, but tomorrow night, this blog has my undivided attention and all these businesses I owe reviews to will get emails stating that they are up.

A couple reasons I HAD to wait:

I wanted to test out my MetroMama Wrap out and about, and the zoo was a prefect place to do this! May I just say it was amazing and there is more to come!

I couldn't test my Lady Cup until I got my period and so now I can put up a review about that.

I also needed to get my new camera so I can post a picture of my adorable 7 month old daughter's "piggies" with the piggy paint we got!


Booty Cubes and Mother Moon Pads are also getting their reviews, I know I've been saying this but sheesh I've had bad luck, bad apartment luck and bad timing these last 2 weeks or so!!

My contests are going to be:

One Party in My Pants liner and one Mother Moon Pads liner


2 sample packs of Booty Cubes

Details about these contests will be posted tomorrow night as well!! So, that is 7 posts that will be up and I will be all caught up! Sorry for the delays guys! Life is full of surprises, and that includes air conditioning leaks lol!

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