Friday, September 25, 2009

Piggy Paint - Thank you thank you!!

My baby daughter is only going to be 8 months old. I have had a STRONG desire to paint those little piggies since she was about 3 months old. Okay laugh! Call me crazy! I don't care. Those toes look adorable painted! I wanted to write this review after I got my new camera so I could get a picture posted, but I am still having issues, so I will be updating with an adorable picture of my daughter and perfectly painted toes. Like I said, I had a very strong desire for them to be pink! I knew she would be eating her feet soon, so I never painted them with my Revlon nail polish. I was too scared, lord knows what is in those bottles of color! I came across a company called Piggy Paint during one of my online girly searches and I was shocked! I didn't know safe nail polish existed! I immediately contacted the company! They are such sweeties!!

This company is everything I love! The founder, Melanie Hurley, also has 2 little girls and she was worried about the chemicals in nail polish too! One day she was using regular, chemical laden nail polish on her daughters and a drop fell onto a Styrofoam plate and ate a hole through it!! I remember that happening to me when I was a teenager and had completely forgotten! She set out to make a better polish! She completely did! As you all know, this is my green blog, and I love all things green. I was tickled when I learned that this nail polish is free of formaldehyde, toluene, phthalates, biphenyl A, ethyl acetate and acetone! It is also made in the USA!

The color I got is called Forever Fancy and it is sparkly, pink, adorable nail polish! Each bottle is $9.99. This bottle is going to last me forever with the tiny toes I paint!

Things I loved:

The sparkly pink color!

No harsh odor!

Is water based - in fact, if it needs thinning over time, all you have to do is add a couple of drops of water!

Won't eat through a styrofoam plate!

It hardens and holds up really well! She does suggest to blow dry nails or toes for one minute for it to set harder, but I couldn't do this with my baby while she was sleeping! haha and it still held up really well!

My baby daughter puts her toes in her mouth and I don't have to fret!

Is so stinkin girly I could die! I love it!!

They also sent a bottle of the nail polish remover. Me being me, I opened it up and smelled it first thing! Nothing. It smells like nothing. There could be water in that bottle for all I know! No more nearly passing out when polishing and removing! This nail polish remover even contains aloe vera and vitamin e! It will run you $10.50 per bottle. The remover, like the nail polish, is of course made out of natural ingredients! Thank you Piggy Paint!

I joined them on my facebook, and you can do so too!

Even though my review is fabulous, here are customer testimonials!

If you want to purchase PIggy Paint for your little ones (who wouldn't??), then go here:

or buy it at one of these fine retailers:

If you have little girls and they love getting their nails painted, I urge you to buy this product! Why buy the chemical filled version, when you can have something much more healthy for your little one? Who knows what all the chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis are doing to our bodies. I would never want to harm my little ones! I know I put the best foods into their bodies and in my opinion, what goes on their bodies is JUST as important! Everything is absorbed through our pores and into our bodies!

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