Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Yummy in My Tummy!

Since becoming a "green" mama, I have searched high and low for that perfect organic baby food. I make a lot of my own, because I just don't trust what could be in those baby food jars. I have to say though, I love the convenience that jarred foods give me when I am on the go or too busy to make my baby food. I always had a dilemma about which ones to pick. I generally went with Earth's Best, especially since I don't trust the plastics that Gerber uses to contain their baby food!

I came across Yummy in My Tummy baby food online and was intrigued! I had to know more about this baby food company, and this is what I learned:

Karen & Michael Stanley are the founders and creators, but Sophia Clare, their daughter, is the real inspiration behind Yummy In My Tummy (YIMT). When Karen & Michael began introducing solids to their Little Tummy, they were disappointed by the taste and lack of selection with the organic baby foods available.

I feel exactly the same way! There are barely any varieties available in organic alternatives for babies.

YIMT has been created to ensure that other parents, like Karen & Michael, will have better options when introducing their little Tummies to the “Wonderful World of Solids”, and have a place where they can go to purchase eco-friendly, non-toxic products that are 100% safe!

Thank goodness! The more options available, the better I say!

I love the variety they offer! Specials are available in each of the three stages and change each week, with a focus on seasonality and local produce availability. They change every week to keep things fresh and interesting!

They also offer an amazing convenience by having the baby food shipped right to your door through their delivery service!

I was worried about the plastic containers that they came in, but then read this:

Baby food is packaged in BPA-free, phthalate-free, BHT-free, and BHA-free barrier containers!

That is right up my alley, since I try to keep all plastics out of my kitchen because BPA freaks me out so badly!

The foods arrived at our house frozen, with instructions about shelf life. They are good frozen for 3 months past their expiration date, or if thawed, good only until their expiration date. I found this information helpful since I never know how long frozen food is good until.

We were sent a wide variety of their baby foods including broccoli and pears. I have to say, I was a little worried when I opened it up and got a whiff of what was inside. It smelled like broccoli(which I don't eat!) and the smell was strong. I gave a bite to my baby hoping she would eat it and she loved it!! She gobbled it up and tried to grab the container from me when she was eating. It was hilarious. I guess she liked the strong smell and flavor. Not all of them smelled this strong to me, but I think I just noticed it being stronger because I hate broccoli!

They offer stage 1, 2, and 3! She has loved all the varieties we tried. She is definitely not a picky eater though and has been eating mostly homemade baby food and the food that we eat, so I think her palate is used to it.

We also go to try out(items include the prices for each and the stage they are):

Turkey With Brown Rice (Stage 3 - $2.25)
Sweet Potatoes and Apples (Stage 2 - $1.53)
Apple and Oatmeal (Stage 2 - $1.53)
Apples and Cranberries (this one was a HUGE hit! I never thought babies would like cranberries) (Stage 2 - $1.53)
Macaroni and Cheese (Stage 3 - $1.73)
Carrot and Beets (Stage 2 - $1.53)
Sweet Potatoes and White Beans (Stage 2 - $1.53)
Spiced Pumpkin (Another yummy favorite! I know she's going to gobble up pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving) (Stage 3 - $1.73)
Banana Cherries (Stage 2 - $1.53)

Aren't those amazing varieties. I love the veggie/fruit combos! She loved them all! I will most definitely be placing an order in the very near future, since she is almost 10 months old and almost done with baby food!

If you want the ounces, Stage 1 consist of 3.5 ounces and are smooth, Stage 2 is 3.5 ounces, but chunkier and Stage 3 is 4.5 ounces and much closer to real food consistency.

Stage 1 - Banana

Stage 2 - Banana Strawberry

Stage 3 - Dutch Apple

My son tested out the Yummy Meals that they sent and they were nothing short of a hit! He is much pickier than my daughter and he loved everything they sent! Everything sounded so delicious, though! I wanted to eat them too! I have to admit I tried the pumpkin bread and it was heavenly!

Below is what we tested and the prices they run:

Sweet Potato Waffles ($2.50)
Pumpkin Bread ($2.00)
Turkey Meatloaf ($4.00)
Cheese Pizza With Spinach Crust (a surprising hit!) ($3.00)

They also offer dried fruit and veggie snacks and finger foods, as well as feeding dishes. They also carry toys, utensils and bath/skincare items!

Dried Banana Fun & Fantastic Finger Foods Cutting Food Box O' Goodies Baby Zen Green Tea Shampoo & Body Wash

Yummy in My Tummy is generously offering my readers a coupon code for their store! I really urge you to try it out and see how your little ones like it!

For 15% off your entire order of food and non food items use the coupon code GKC15!

Thank you so much to Karen Stanley at Yummy in My Tummy for the amazing review opportunity and for offering my readers this great coupon code!

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