Monday, December 14, 2009

Green Toys

As a mom, I find it harder and harder these days to find toys that are safe for children. I'm not even talking about the violent toys! I am talking about the toys with harmful chemicals like BPA and lead. How many recalls have there been from China over the last 5 years? It is staggering. More and more parents are educating themselves, taking the time to read what their children's toys are made out of and buying smarter! This is a very good thing, but more parents need to do this. I truly believe many parents don't know what options are out there! Green Toys is one of the safe options available and I for one could not be happier!

The toys on the Green Toys website are made out of recycled milk jugs. This is such a clever and smart way to reuse!! The plastic that is made after the milk cartons are recycled is a super clean high density polyethylene, also called HDPE. This is one of the safest plastics available! Every toy manufacturered by Green Toys is made right here in the USA in California(by the way, California was the first state to ban the manufacture, sale and distribution of children's products made from phthalates)! Another huge plus for me! I support anything made here in the USA, especially green products! They get it! Transportation is a HUGE contributor to green house gasses!

Each toy is packaged in recycled corrugated boxes with no fussy extras like twist ties or plastic! I loved watching my son rip into his toy with ease! A relative bought my son a toy for his birthday that you had to actually use a screw driver to unscrew it from the packaging! Is that really necessary? I love that these boxes are 100% recyclable!

So, back to China and the lead based paint fears. Green Toys products contain no traceable phthalates(say that 10 times fast!) or BPA and have no external paint! No paint to worry about means no fear of lead. These toys are 100% SAFE for your little one to enjoy! For the record, it is pronounced I for one, do not want my son playing with something they I can hardly pronounce! If you buy things made out of PVC, you are getting a not so healthy dose of phthalates.

I got to review Green Toys' very own dump truck. Actually, my son got to review it, but I got to admire all the great features! This truck has a real working dumper and no metal axles!

My son played with this toy for HOURS. He went to bed, woke up and immediately started playing with it! It has not left his sight since we got it! I think if he had to rate it he would give it 10 out of 10 stars! He is in love and I am happy.

This toy is so incredibly sturdy. My son is 3 and very tough on his toys. This truck can take it all and then some! You would never know this dump truck was made out of plastic milk jugs! This just goes to show that we CAN make green toys without sacrificing quality! What the heck is stopping all companies from following in their footsteps? There is no need for BPA, phthalates, PVC, lead and all that garbage! My son couldn't be happier and I know he is safe. I know chemicals are not leeching into his skin and into his body! More companies need to care about our little ones!

The dump truck is not all Green Toys has to offer though, they make many other products, including:
A recycling truck!! How unique is that?? I have NEVER seen a toy recycling truck! What a great way to teach them the importance of recycling early on in life!

They also carry tea sets, play dishes and cookware as well as various outdoor play toys!
I cannot wait for my baby daughter to be old enough to play with this adorable tea set!

From what I see, their toys are intended for ages three and up, with some toys(the jump rope) being ages five and up.

These would make excellent Christmas presents!

To purchase your own Green Toys product, check out their store locator here:

Or find an online retailer here:

Like I said, I couldn't be happier with the quality of these products! My son adores it and I recieved excellent customer service. Green Toys does not dissappoint!

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