Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

I know I have been super busy lately and neglectful! I hope you all still love my blog and aren't giving up on me! Tomorrow I am hoping to have a review up for Barley and Birch, as well as a giveaway!! January is my birthday month and so I am going to be featuring a bunch of yummy companies as well as giveaways for all of you! So far my schedule for reviews is looking like this:

January 2nd- Barley and Birch review and giveaway as well as a really awesome seed embedded paper review.

January 5th - A review and giveaway for this amazing Vaska laundry soap. There will be 4 winners for this guys!

January 6th - A Glamourmom review and giveaway.

January 7th - A Dali Decals review and giveaway!

January 12th - Skin MD review and giveaway.

January 13th - A Scandle Candle review and giveaway.

January 14th - An amazing Sodastream review!

There is hopefully going to be many others and as I line them up and review them I will post them as well!

Oh, by the way, my birthday is January 24th, when is yours?

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