Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thirsties Duo Diaper!

The moment you have all been waiting for! okay okay. Several other blog reviews have already been up for the Duo Diaper, but I have extensively tested it and what follows is what I think!

First let me say I am a true fan of Thirsties. I love them! Every product of theirs I have tried has been truly remarkable! They never let me down, and once again, they didn't let me down! There has been a lot of hype about the Duo Diaper and I guess a little part of me thought "I can't love everything they make, right?" But I can and I do! :)

Let me take you through this step by step because I have a lot to cover. I got my Duo Diaper in Meadow(a gorgeous green color), and of course I gave it a thorough inspection.

The first thing I noticed? This is not your average pocket diaper. See the leg gussets? The inner microfleece doesn't connect with the leg gussets! I thought that was pretty genius! It makes perfect sense to not attach it! One look at it and it made me think "duh, why haven't I seen this anywhere else yet?!" Way to go Thirsties!

Another thing that caught my attention instantly was that the pocket is open in the front and back! This allows much easier stuffing for those who hate pockets because "I hate stuffing them". This also makes cleaning so much easier! When your Duo Diaper gets dirty don't bother with taking the liner out. Simply throw the whole thing in the wash! Since the diaper is open on both ends, the liner agitates out in the wash! I saw it with my own eyes folks! They came out spotless and smelling fresh too!

The liner is 2 pieces snapped together! The first liner is made out of two layers of serged microfiber terry. The second is five layers of serged hemp jersey! That is seven total layers when snapped together! I have used this diaper while traveling, during nap time and all throughout the day and have not had one leak! Oh yah, these liners are made right here in the USA!

Of course the diaper features hook and loop closures, which I love! I know not everyone loves hook and loop, but for me it gives the best fit possible. My husband doesn't have to fiddle with snaps, and changing my baby is faster. She is 10 months old and refusing to sit still long enough to snap a whole diaper. I still have several snapping diapers but I adore hook and loop. My baby hasn't figured out how to unhook it yet so keep your fingers crossed that she never figures it out!

These also feature laundry tabs which are a must in my eyes! So handy and no diaper chains!

The new Duo Diaper comes in two sizes. I love this because most "one-size" diapers dont cut it for me. My baby has chunky legs and a narrow waist, a lot of one size diapers just dont look very comfortable on her. I like the that Duo Diaper features 2 different "one-size" diapers.

Size One is for babies 6 to 18 pounds or a 0-9 months.

Size Two is for babies 18 to 40 pounds or 9-36 months plus!

Both sizes feature an adjustable rise to get the most use out of them and both sizes are available in 8 fun colors!

Storm Cloud
Ocean Blue
Like I said, I tested Meadow and I fell in love with it!

Duo Diapers retail for $18.50 each and are a tremendous value for everything you get out of them! If you are loyal to fitteds or prefolds and covers, these would be great for a day trip or to have on hand with a baby sitter. I love them for my husbands sake! I will always be a fitteds/covers girl, but these come in a close second!

To care for these diapers - Machine wash warm or hot(I use hot) and dry in the dryer or hang dry(I love to hang mine outside!)

Once again they have stolen my green little heart because these diapers contain no PVC, phthalates, lead or latex!

To request a catalog or to view their online, go here:

To purchase, go here to find a retailer:

Thank you Thirsties for another amazing earth friendly product and thank you for the awesome review opportunity!

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