Wednesday, March 10, 2010

B nature Review!

I think everyone who reads this blog knows I love organic everything, but especially clothing. There is absolutely nothing softer or more luxurious to me! Hold a baby wearing an organic onesie and you will feel absolute softness. Organic children's clothing is really where my organic heart lies! Little kids, running and playing barefoot in organic clothing is just such a sweet image to me and at the root of crunchiness! Babies are new and they deserve the best!

Enter B nature! B nature stands behind every piece of clothing they make. They pay such amazing attention to every detail and every fiber that goes into their children's clothing and that means the world to me as a parent! All of their partners are private manufacturers that support healthy work environments, fair labor practices and sustainable production. B nature is 100% organic cotton clothing and the best for our babies!

So maybe you don't understand the whole organic "hype" currently out there. I have several people in my life who think that it is no big deal and basically make fun of me for paying more. The thing is, it IS a big deal, and the wonderful folks at B nature step in and tell us the difference between organic cotton and non-organic cotton. I think it is a real eye opener for people who think there is no difference in the way their clothing is made. I know several people who seem to forget their clothing comes from plants! Take a look:

The Organic Cotton Difference!

Thanks so much B nature for laying that all out there. There is no fluff, just the facts!

For review, B nature sent me the most adorable ivory organic cotton bodysuit with a skirt!

Isn't that just precious?! This is the most adorable bodysuit I own! I think it is so clever of them to add some flare to the clothing by adding a little skirt! It really ups the girly factor and makes my heart melt! Every detail about this bodysuit is quality! You really can tell they take pride in the organic products they make(though I have yet to meet an organic company who doesn't take pride in every detail!) and I think that is the difference between an environmentally friendly and eco-conscious company and one that isn't. These bodysuits come with their trademark bee logo on the upper left side! I love that little touch. I received the Ivory Pointe color, but they also come in Chestnut-Wheat, Greentea-Pistachio, and Rose Pointe! So sweet and so adorable for any little girl! These also come in sizes Newborn to 18-24 months.

There are many other items to drool over on the B nature site, so make sure you check it out! They are making it easy to venture over there by providing me with a coupon code for you!

Use the code Dani0210 to receive 10% off your purchase!

Another cool thing they have? The B Rewarded program! The B Rewarded program you for talking about B nature! Write on Facebook, Twitter, your own blog or any other social outlet for Buzz Points! You get your first 50 Buzz Points just for signing up! You earn Buzz Points for rewards, like amazing gift certificates to the B nature site! For every $1.00 spent by people you send over, you get 1 Buzz Point. They even send you an awesome Buzz packet with postcards to hand out! Make sure you write your unique code on the postcards you hand out so you get the credit! To learn more about the B Rewarded program, go here.

Thank you so much B nature for this fabulous review opportunity!!

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