Monday, March 22, 2010


Take a minute to check out these sites, guys! They have really helped me on my crunchy quest!

I know it can be so overwhelming when you first venture into green living, but there is a transition period in everything that you do. I promise it will be worth it! I love writing reviews for green companies on my blog because I feel like I can help spread the word about what is out there. There is a lot of mis-information out there and I love to be one of the many who help people clear things up. I love getting to work with various eco-friendly companies and tell you guys about their awesome products! Soooooo many people have no idea that there are Earth friendly alternatives out there. Thank you for allowing me to have an outlet and be a voice for something I feel so passionately about!

Lets get green together! An easy start? Stop using paper towels! We have a huge drawer full of kitchen towels and washcloths that we use for everything! Another easy thing you can do? Use reusable shopping bags! I always feel so happy when I use mine! Also, one of the first things I did was get rid of plastic food containers. There are some amazing glass options available now! They will last much longer and an added bonus? No stains!

Get out there and do something green!


  1. Thanks for sharing the links! Our [crunchy] family went "green" a few years ago, and it was always exciting and fun for us to find new ways to conserve etc.. And we are still finding more ways everyday!

    I still love to read about others and their transition, and happy that I have influenced many friends and family to make some easy changes to be more...well, green :)

    Our newest adventure is going cloth with baby #3...who is possibly arriving today as I sit here typing between contractions! Ditching the sposies and the wipes!

  2. congrats on the new little one! Cloth diapering is very addicting lol. It is probably the single most important step I have taken, plus little baby bums look adorable in cloth! I hope your delivery is everything you want it to be! Thanks so much for reading!