Friday, March 19, 2010

Updates Again!

My Funky Monkey Snacks review and giveaway, as well as my Nelle and Lizzy review and giveaway will be up Saturday! I also made a new email:!

I am cleaning up my blog and getting things organized around here! Thanks for being so patient with me you guys! I have had to clean up my email, clean this blog and get my companies/lists organized! Saturday I will have 2 reviews/giveaways up!

Sunday March 21 Bloom'en review!

Monday March 22, I have a Hot Locks Doll Review/giveaway scheduled

Tuesday March 23, I have a Seventh Generation Review/giveaway

Wednesday - Milk Smart Mama Review/giveaway

Thursday March 25, I have a Coosh review!

Saturday march 27, I have a Tasty Baker review!

I should have a couple more goodies thrown in there too! Thanks guys!

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