Thursday, April 22, 2010

Easy Eco Tips!

In honor of Earth Day, I wanted to post some easy Earth friendly tips that the new greenie can accomplish fairly easily! Here we go!

Plant a seed, a tree or a flower! They keep our air clean. Head over to Origins(click the plant a tree app!) and for every 10 Facebook fans you get to sign up, they will plant a tree in your honor!

Recycle! Even just a little bit helps in a HUGE way!

Buy local - Think Farmer's Markets people! The closer your food is harvested, the less energy used to get it to your plate.

Donate your clutter so it can be reused. I heart thrift stores!

Read a good green living book - they are FULL of tips to help you! I love It's Easy Being Green!

Unplug appliances not in use, or attach appliances to power strips that you can turn off.

Go outside and play! Enjoy the Earth so you can remember why it is so important to save!

Use reusable shopping and produce bags. Get creative! Use reusable swiffer pads and use dish towels instead of paper towels in the kitchen!

Choose not to use the heated dry option on your dishwasher and hang your clothing outside!

What other tips do you have? I have a whole slew of tips, but for beginners, let's start small!

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