Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ecotools Review

Once upon a time ago I was big into make-up, I wore it every single day. Then I got pregnant and was concerned with not throwing up and other oddities of pregnancy. I wore less and less make-up. I had my son and threw make-up out the window! I know I shouldn't have let being a mom take over, but I went through the sweatpants, ponytail and no make-up phase for way too long! I got pregnant with my daughter and really wanted to start wearing make-up again. I also had my crunchy wake-up call and didn't want to wear make-up filled with chemicals. I found mineral make-up love and have been hooked ever since. With my new found love of make-up that was safe for the Earth and myself, I often wondered about eco-friendly make-up brushes. I went on a search and found Ecotools! With a name like that, my attention was grabbed, and boy was I glad. I couldn't wait to try these brushes out and now I am hooked on yet another Earth friendly product!

Ecotools sent me the Bamboo 6 Piece Eye Brush Set and the Bamboo Bronzer Brush. I was like a kid in a candy shop I tell ya! I opened them immediately just to feel them and was even more excited. These brushes are absolutely the softest brushes I have ever had grace my face. Have a look at my goodies!


EcoTools BAMBOO Bronzer Brush

These brushes are all made out of natural and recycled materials. The handles are a highly sustainable bamboo and the bristles are made out of 100% cruelty-free, soft taklon. The aluminum on the handles is even a recycled material! I love that the 6 Piece Eye Brush Set comes in a natural cotton and hemp reusable cosmetic case. Both items I received came in plastic reusable pouches as well!

The Six Piece Eye Brush Set comes with:

A large eye brush - used to apply and blend shadows (I am in LOVE with this one!)

An angled crease brush - softly apply color to the crease of the eye for definition

A petite shading brush - use with deeper or accent colors for a bold look

A highlighting brush - perfect for highlighting the brow bone and inner corners of the eye

A smudge brush - smudge shadow and liner along lash line for a smoky look (My Fave!!!!)

A cosmetic case with mirror used to store the brushes!

The Bamboo Bronzer Brush is mine and my daughter's favorite of the bunch though! She loves when I tickle her little face with it and I looooove using it to apply loose powder and blush as well as bronzer. It's nice and big!

I was so thrilled and continue to be thrilled with these brushes! The eye brushes have finally helped me to get a smoky eye and my bronzer brush is unlike any other big brush I have ever owned. It makes me even happier to have natural and Earth friendly options with Ecotools. I am crunchy, but I can be beautiful AND an Earth loving hippie mama!

Ecotools even prints Green Tips right on their packaging to help you use less water for instance, or how to recycle batteries properly! Thanks Ecotools! I was at Walgreens recently and saw Ecotools hanging right there! I was shocked and so happy! Pick these babies up right at your local corner Walgreens. Oh yes, and there are many other make-up brushes and tools, so check them out here!

Other places you can purchase Ecotools

Thanks so much Ecotools for this amazing review opportunity!

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