Monday, April 5, 2010

Urban Bratz Review

I love reviewing children's clothing, I don't know what Mom wouldn't! I stumbled upon a fantastic company called Urban Bratz and I just knew I had to work with them! Luckily, they felt the same way about me. While their clothing isn't 100% organic and all natural, it is hilarious! Every child needs a hilarious shirt in their wardrobe. I remember when my son was born and I had such a hard time finding cute outfits for him. What did we do? We dressed him in hilarious shirts. There is no shortage of funny shirts for boys out there, but Urban Bratz has some for the girls as well!

For review I received a t-shirt for my son that says "They Call Me No!!" With a Mom pointing her finger. I found this extremely fitting for my three year old. I swear they need to call it the terrible threes, not the terrible twos! The first time we took him out in this shirt, we got several chuckles and got asked where we found it! That makes this shirt and this adorable, witty company a winner in my book. Have a look at this shirt:

Ours came in a teal color though, not a brown. I absolutely LOVE this shirt and all the comments we get when we are out and about. I would gladly tell anyone about this company and their rockin' clothing. These shirts are extremely soft and hold up very well in the wash. I love the simplicity of a t-shirt because they are easy to clean. I love even more that my son can have something better than a plain ole t-shirt. These sell on the Urban Bratz website for $24.99!

They have dozens of hilarious designs though, and they dont stop with the boys. Have a looksee:

My Husband had a good chuckle with this shirt and said we definitely have to buy it for Violet! I think any Dad can relate to this and I am sure it will get a few laughs while we are out and about! These shirts also come in the form of a bodysuit or a dress.

Oh if only it were that easy to stick them in a magical "be good" shirt! But this made me laugh, so at least it would bring a smile to my face, even if my son is NOT being good! This shirt has angel wings on the back and you can also get it in a long sleeve version!

I want one of these for each of my children! I think this is such a stylish way to say "RECYCLE!" It makes me happy that recycling can be turned into the "hip" thing to do.

We are planning on trying to conceive our third child this fall and I KNOW we will be buying this shirt for our little Violet and also the Big Brother shirt for my son. This shirt comes in a boy version for big brothers. It makes me so happy! Totally hilarious and much more creative than the typical "I'm the Big Brother" and "I'm the Big Sister" shirts that are out there!

Urban Bratz is my go to company for hilarious children's clothing. I am all for plain, simple and organic cottons, but every once in awhile you need to shake things up. I am so glad my family got to experience this fabulous company's wit and humor!

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Thank you so much Urban Bratz, for this fabulous review opportunity!

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