Saturday, May 8, 2010

Dittany Baby Review

I had the fabulous opportunity to work with the sweet people over at Dittany Baby and I really couldn't be happier with my experience. I am a baby wearing mama and any opportunity I have to test drive a new sling, I take!

Dittany Baby was born out of necessity, when the original owner's son's knees were dragging on the ground as he crawled. What came out of that thought were Skidpants for baby's knees, Mei Tais and Pouch Slings, as well as amazing Nursing Covers and designer tights. Dittany Baby's new owner, Lisa is just as dedicated to extending care and attention to detail into every facet of the Dittany Baby line, and she does it with her children right at her side! Way to go Mama! It's good to know there are other dedicated baby wearing moms out there that know the benefits that I know! She is an avid baby wearer of two, so she really understands fashion and comfort when it comes to baby slings. She designs fashionable Mei Tais, Pouch Slings and H2O Slings!

I had the wonderful privilage of reviewing one of Dittany Baby's H2O Water Slings! This baby is amazing. I have never owned a sling like my H2O sling. I think every Mom should have one of these for the summertime. As many of you know, I just got back from vacation and this sling was a lifesaver, not only in the sprinklers, but also at the airport. I used this sling for many purposes and the best part is that it is super lightweight and breathable. I live in Arizona, and a light sling is a MUST! Even though these were designed to be used at the beach or in the shower, or in any type of water really, I had no problems using this throughout the airport. Bringing only one multi-purpose sling with us on vacation was a real lifesaver! I also have to say that I tried this sling out in the shower with my baby girl and she laughed and sang the whole time! Already singing in the shower! I think this would be a great way to cool off and get baby to relax after a hot summer day.

I love how easy it is to put on, just like the ease of a pouch sling. You put this on the same way. There is a size chart on the website that helps you figure out what size you need, which is very helpful since this type of sling is not a one size fits all. Just in case you are curious, I wear a 36B bra and ordered a small that fit me very well. However, the website tells you how to measure yourself to get the sling that best fits you!

H2O Sling - Beautiful Koi

I adore how quickly this sling dries and that it is designed for your little one to feel the water like you feel it. The sling doesn't just get wet, the water flows through it! It has little holes all throughout it, yet it is very luxurious and soft for baby. It feels almost silky! There are several different patterns for this sling. Mine is not pictured on the website, but it has a beautiful picture of a woman on it. The one I have pictured above is the koi fish design.

I am super happy with this sling and I know my baby girl and I will be getting a ton of use out of it all summer long. My daughter cried every time I took her out of my H2O Sling because she knew water play was over! Lucky for us Arizona has very long summers! I think we will all be spending huge amounts of time at our local water park. I only wish we lived closer to the beach!

Dittany Baby offers many othe ritems besides the H2O Sling. Check out their Mei Tais, Pouch Slings, Tights, Nursing Covers and Skidpants!

Look at how adorable their tights are!

I cannot wait to order some for my little violet now that she is done crawling and wont mess them up!

Thank you SO much Dittany Baby, for this amazing review, and for making my vacation much easier and much more fun!

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