Monday, May 17, 2010

Future Posting

Hey guys! I just wanted to keep you all updated on my future reviews and giveaways. So here they are! All of them will be done by the end of May. Thanks for sticking with me after I got back from vacation, got super sick and then had to take my baby to the ER. I got a little behind, but I am slowly catching up!

Pink Chicken


One to Grow On Toys

Nifty Nappy


Creativity for Kids



Terra Made

Head Organics

ChicoBag Produce Bags

That is 11 reviews in the next 2 weeks! Not a problem! Good thing I didn't schedule much for the end so that I could play catch up! Tomorrow I plan on getting Pink Chicken and Bummis up. I will also post the Bellybar Winners tomorrow as well! Thanks again guys!

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