Sunday, May 16, 2010

Organically Grown Review

Organically Grown

Recently I was contacted by a fairly new company that I have fallen in love with called Organically Grown. We all know I love a gorgeous baby all wrapped up in organic fibers! Organically Grown has made buying 100% organic items for our babies and toddlers affordable! How about a $12.00 bodysuit? Or an entire 3 pack for only $20.00? Such amazing prices! I was thrilled to get to be one of the lucky ones to work with them on a review and I am so happy to build my blogger relationship with this fabulous company!

For review, I was sent the Organic Cotton Girls' Think Green Tree 2 Piece Set:

As with any of the organic items I have reviewed or currently own, I wish you could all feel this! There IS a difference between organic and non-organic clothing. There are people out there who will try to say it's just a way for people to make more money, but they are dead wrong. The softness of these items cannot be matched by clothing filled with chemicals and pesticides! Organically Grown proves that they aren't making these items to sell them at outrageous prices, because they are so affordable! The set I reviewed is only $30.00! For a quality made, two piece set! My daughter is still a little small for the size they sent, but I did put it on her and I can't wait for it to fit her better! Lucky for me, she has a huge baby butt, so the shorts fit rolled over! I reviewed a 3T size because they were sold out of 2T sizes. I love anything organic and anything she can grow into is just a plus!

Organically Grown carries newborn items as well! I know where I will be shopping during my next pregnancy!

This is my absolute favorite infant outfit for little girls! This sells for $30.00.

Look at how adorable this is! This would look so precious on a baby boy! Also $30.00.

Organically Grown also sells adorable Baby Blankets for $28.00!

I couldn't be happier with the quality and softness of these baby and toddler clothes. I cannot wait to work with this sweet company again!

You can purchase Organically Grown clothing Here.

And use this awesome coupon code while you are there! Use PCSN25 for 25% off now until June 30th!

Make sure you follow Organically Grown on Facebook and Twitter as well to keep up to date with all current reviews and giveaways!

A HUGE thank you to Organically Grown for this fantastic review opportunity!

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