Thursday, June 10, 2010

Planet-Saving Clothes: Barley and Birch!

I had the amazing privilege of working with Barley and Birch in the past on a review for a shirt I picked out for my Son. We had picked their Bridge Shirt and have been thrilled with it since day one!

You can read my review of the Bridge Shirt here. But have a look at it:
My son loves to wear this luxuriously soft shirt! I always praise 100% Organic cotton and how soft it feels. There is no other fabric like it. I challenge you to feel an Organic piece of cotton and a regular piece. The difference is almost overwhelming.

For review this time, we were sent an item from their Spring 2010 line. We chose the Feathers shirt in a size 18 months for my daughter and I adore this on her! she looks so gorgeous in it(ok, so I think she looks gorgeous in everything!) and I love knowing her skin is touching the finest of fabrics in my eyes! Have a look:

Barley and Birch makes all of their items with certified organic cotton and water-based inks. I adore that they do not pollute the air and water with chemicals.

A big part of my love for Barley and Birch has to do with how much they care about the environment. They use profits from the business to improve the global community. Every single area of the line is carbon neutral. They offset any emissions created by production and shipping and work with suppliers and manufacturers who mainly use solar power! Any paper used is 100% post-consumer recycled and everything is made in the USA. I heart Barley and Birch so much. They aren't trying to be convenient and cheap. They care about our Earth! Items that come from companies who care about the planet we live on are items I truly don't mind paying more for.

I also love that they donate 15% of profits to organizations working all over the world to improve the lives of others. When I hear things like this, I know they care and it makes me even happier to work with them and promote their fabulous products. I want all of my childrens' clothing to be made by Barley and Birch!

Soon they will have bedding and adult pieces too!! I cannot wait!

I recommend this darling company and their high quality pieces to everyone I know.

Their online shop is currently under construction, but keep checking in because it is so worth it!

You can also find a retailer near you here.

And I highly recommend checking out their Facebook page and following them on Twitter!

A HUGE thank you to Barley and Birch for this amazing review opportunity!

P.S. - Check out my friend Liz's blog for a chance to win a Barley and Birch shirt!

Disclaimer: I was not paid to write this review. I received product to review and all opinions are my own!

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