Monday, June 28, 2010

Ready Set Go!

Okay I am going to have one heck of a bloggy week, but I have tons of work to do! We all have life distractions, and I certainly have! I wanted to let you all know what I have in store for the week to play catch up!

Eden's Bouquet (Tues)

Simple Green (Tues)

Cookstah (Tues)

Bath Luve (Wed)

Izzie N Friends (Thurs)

Bella Materna (Thurs)

Snug Fits (Fri)

V-Tech V-Reader! (Wed)

I have a lot to do this week! I hope you all hang in there with me because I have some amazing things coming up in the next few weeks and you don't want to miss my reviews and giveaways for the companies I just listed! Lots of awesome stuff!

I hope you all had an amazing weekend. I painted, met up with my friend to take kiddos to the zoo and went to my Grandma's house. We are busy bees all weekend. I think this weekend we need a family break. Yay for the 4th of July! What do you all have planned? We want to take our 3 1/2 year old to see his first movie Toy Story 3! I think he will have a blast.

Alright, tons of stuff happening this week and reviews + giveaways going up in the morning! Night guys!



  1. Looking forward to it!! I know how busy life can get... If you get a chance, I have been a follower (twitter & GFC) of your blog for awhile. I absolutely love it, great content! I just started a blog myself! I would love it if you followed me back! – Karissa

  2. I sure will follow you back! Thanks for reading and entering the giveaways!