Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Baby Shower Bash #1 Zooper Tango 2010 Double Stroller!

Zooper has been designing, manufacturing, and distributing baby products for 15 years. Mr. Red Lan and his partner started the company back in 1993 and came up with many innovative ideas to improve baby products for us busy Mamas! It started out tiny! Some of the product testing even took place in their garage, but that didn't last long! The company grew very quickly and by 1997 they had a whole factory of workers producing high quality products. All of their hard work paid off when in 1998 they were awarded with the prize for innovative design, excellent quality, and assured safety device in the German stroller criteria campaign.

In 1999, they reached out to the United States and launched the brand "Zooper". Since establishment, Zooper has become known for it's safety, fashion appeal, convenient features and exceptional value. They include a full set of accessories with every stroller and this has appealed to many(including me!). They are fashionable and functional.

Zooper has more than just fashion appeal! They have always been ahead of the curve in safety. All of their products pass U.S. and European safety standards, but they go farther and put their products under more extreme tests. I adore that their products have been lead and phthalate free for years!

I was sent the Zooper Tango 2010 Stroller to review and I nearly fell over from shock. This is an amazing product! It came in a huge box(obviously) and was almost completely put together. All I had to do was snap a few pieces on and attach the wheels and we were good to go!

Here is a picture of it folded up. We do have to take the front wheels off when we put it in our Dodge Caliber trunk, but other than that it isn't super bulky or a pain. It stores upright very straight and stays in my kids' closet when we dont need it!

To open it from the folded up position, you just unhook a little latch.

And then you push down on this pedal in the back and the whole thing pops open, it is so easy!

Here is what it looks like open but without the canopies or any of the accessories. I also have one bar across the front removed. I use this for my almost 4 year old, so he doesn't get a bar or his legs hit it! My 18 month old gets the side with the bar and it works perfectly. I also have the mesh netting at the top pushed back for my son, who is too tall for it. I love that each side can be fully customizable!

The Zooper Tango Double Stroller came with every accessory I need:

- A detachable cup holder

- 2 canopies, that also zip open more to make little sleeper pouches

- It also came with a newborn bunting sleeping bag

- 2 detachable headrests for newborn babys

- This also came with a rain cover

- And a sun shade

I adore all of the features of the canopies! You can take them off and have no canopy like in my picture above, or you can have them just regular like this:

And you can also unzip them and make them cover your whole child if they fall asleep.

I love that there are vents in the top as well!

The Zooper Tango 2010 can be used with an infant car seat next to an older child! My Hubby and I are working on #3 and this will come in very handy!

The versatility of this stroller blows me away. I have never owned such a nice baby product. It is sturdy, well made and gorgeous!

So far, I have had no issues with getting through doorways while out and about. Most businesses have wide doorways or a double door, so we just have opened both! We took this to the Desert Museum out here a few times and it has been a lifesaver! It works well on rocky terrain and I have had no issues maneuvering it with 2 kids!

I am in LOVE with this stroller and I recommend everyone buy a high quality one like this. I had a cheap $100.00 one before and it was horrible! Forget pushing it on rocky terrain. The Zooper Tango surpasses my old one hands down!

Check out the Tango and all of the other strollers they offer, here.

A HUGE thank you to the amazing people over at Zooper for this incredible review opportunity!

Disclaimer: I received free product to review. I was not paid to write this and all opinions are my own!


  1. Oh, I need this SO bad!! I love my side by side stroller I have now, it's a necessity with 3 little ones. But the sun shades on mine are useless! These ones are great!

  2. Wow! Remind me of this post when I'm onto baby #2! Sounds great!

  3. It is so great to hear that you are enjoying your Zooper and thank you for sharing your wonderful story! Us here at Zooper are excited to know that you are having such a great experience using your Zooper!