Thursday, August 12, 2010

Baby Shower Bash #7: Be Here Soon Delivery Gown Review

When I was in labor with my son, I vividly remember being handed a horribly ugly and worn out hospital gown. They told me to go into the bathroom to change. There are SO many details of my labor that are cloudy(it was an ordeal!), but for some reason I remember this. I remember putting it on and thinking, can I leave my bra on? I remember the way it felt, old and thin. I was wishing I had brought my own labor gown of some kind, anything but what I was being told to wear. Not only was it uncomfortable, but it was ugly. It did not make me feel gorgeous and glowing. Every time I look at those pics I think of how horrid I look(I know, I know so vain, but again, it was hell).

With my daughter, it was a blur(I will be posting these birth stories in the next week as part of my Baby Shower Bash). I had a scheduled c-section, but Violet decided to throw me into labor 2 weeks early. I couldn't get a hold of any of my family, including Jon! I got there and was 4 cm, an hour later I was almost 6 and shortly after that we were having a baby. I had nothing with me, even though I had packed my own labor clothing. I had to have my grandma bring a disposable camera to get pictures of her. It was quick and lucky for me, I got to change asap, so most of my pictures were of me NOT in an ugly hospital gown.

Now fast forward to right now. At this moment in my life, my Husband and I are trying for #3. We adore the age spacing between our 2 kids(2 years 4 months) and we want that for the next baby and Violet as well. I found it to be a breeze. The older child was able to color and play independently for a little bit, and that made it much easier on me, especially while breastfeeding on demand. It was ideal for us and we want that again. We know we want 3, and there may be more babies in our future. My rules? I want to have them before I am 30 and I don't want to wait like 3 or 4 years between kids. I really feel like it would be so sad, but then again, I am one of 6. My older brother is 13 months older than me and my younger brother is 13 months younger. I guess I always saw myself with a big family with kids somewhat close together. I think 2 1/2 years is absolutely perfect!

Okay, so on to the whole point of this post, us wanting #3 and me obsessively planning my labor and delivery. I have had 2 c-sections, and am dying for a VBAC, so I plan on looking HOT during my labor and delivery and part of that means getting a delivery gown! Be Here Soon has adorable delivery gowns and I was sent one of their sample ones to review(it does say Lisa on it, so I will be sending it back and eventually buying my own). I really wanted to be able to feel a delivery gown and review one for my Baby Shower Bash because I think this would make an amazing present for a Mom to Be! Here is a picture of the delivery gown I was sent to write about:

Maternity Hospital Gowns -  Hip Maternity Delivery Hospital Gowns
I got to feel and try on the blue one before sending it back and it is really comfortable. I love the nice, new fabric instead of an old ratty gown. I really feel like a delivery gown would make a Mama feel much cuter as well! It has snaps on the arms and the back so you can be discreet and nurse your new baby. The Blue and Pink gowns sell for $29.00 and you can pay more to add your initial or name!

I adore the idea of a hospital gown so much and I definitely plan on buying one!

Be Here Soon also sells other gifts for Mom and Baby, so check it out.

Thank you so much to Be Here Soon for this review opportunity!

Disclaimer: I received product to review and then send back. I was not paid to write this and all opinions are my own.

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