Monday, August 2, 2010


Hey guys! Sorry I have been MIA with the personal updates and blogs. I swear July went by in a blink. I have been helping my aunt move and we are planning on moving into her old place so now we are over there helping them do some stuff before they have to be out. We are so excited to move to a bigger place where I can have my dream playroom! :) We really need it at this point and it will be amazing to have a backyard and to not have to tell Michael to stop running/screaming/jumping 100 times a day. Poor little guy. We live in an upstairs apartment and it is just too hard with 2 kids right now! Not to mention we are wanting to throw a third into the mix! So here I am back to bloggy work and trying to get organized. I have to post winners and a Wall Quotes review and giveaway and a Zooper Stroller Review tomorrow. The Zooper review kicks off my August Baby Shower Bash!

Thanks for putting up with me missing! And I want to say congrats to my Sister in Law and her Husband for their newest little one! Welcome to the World Tyler Joseph! 8 Pounds 13 Ounces. One ounce less than Michael was! Way to go Meggie. We make them huge! :)

Oh! Tomorrow I am also posting a draft I have all about Staph infections, since my daughter decided to get one! Lovely I know, but she is WAY better now and all done with her meds. I wanna spread the word though in case any of you guys every have to go through this!

And in about a week I will be posting blog #1 all about trying to conceive. I may vlog about it on youtube too!

I just wanted to keep you posted and informed and I hope you are all happy and well and excitied about the baby/pregnancy giveaways headed your way!

I'm excited about all of the life changes headed our way. New home. New baby - hopefully soon, and we want to get a puppy! We plan on rescuing one from the Humane Society. They have a ton of Lab puppies in our area and I wanted to know what all of you think about them! I have heard mixed reviews! lol



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