Monday, October 18, 2010

Silikids Siliskin at Home Review

We love all things glass in our home. I love the way glass looks and I love drinking out of glasses most of all. Glass doesn't give you a weird taste like plastic can. With glass, we also do not have the worry of scratches leaching BPA into our food and beverages. I love that there are more and more companies using BPA free plastic, but I still don't trust it. We have been known to let our children drink out of glass drinking cups, but it is very hard! This is where Silikids and their genius glasses with silicone sleeves come in.

When I found out I would be reviewing a glass from Silikids' Siliskin at Home line, I was giddy! I have seen the baby bottles with silicone sleeves and was wondering when someone would put them on a drinking glass. Take a look at how cute they are!

These are the perfect glasses for little ones to drink out of, and if they are dropped, there is protection from it shattering. A set of four 6 ounce glasses(aqua, lime, red and purple) sells for $25.95. I know that seems pricey, but in my opinion, they are very much worth it. Both my four year old and my almost two year old adore drinking out of the glass we were sent. Not only does the 100% food grade silicone help protect the glass in case it is dropped, but it also helps keep small children from dropping it in the first place by providing grips for their hands!

The Siliskin can be removed to clean it, has no pores to harbor bacteria, and can be thrown into the dishwasher or boiled to sanitize. I also love that you can buy just the Siliskins to be used on glasses or bottles you already own! These will cost you around $6.00 to $9.00 each.

If a glass baby bottle is what you are after, look no further. You can purchase an 8 oz bottle with a Siliskin for $12.00!

I am extremely impressed with my Siliskin glass and I cannot wait to add more into our home. Like I said, both of my children adore drinking out of these cute little glasses, so it's a no brainer to get more of them!

I want to say a HUGE thank you to Silikids for this awesome review opportunity!

Disclaimer: I received free product to review. I was not paid to write this and all opinions are my own!

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