Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pregnancy Update!

Okay guys, time for a pregnancy update and a Pregnancy Event announcement!

So lets go back a little bit with my update. First, I cant remember if I showed you all my Intelligender results, so I want to post them now. However, I WILL be posting an Intelligender review in 10 days when we find out the gender and it is just for fun. So I guess this is a sneak peek for you guys. There will also be a giveaway for all my pregnant readers out there!

My results were clearly BOY. Green is for boy and orange is for girl. I don't think there is any mistake what the test is thinking I am having!

And here is a 16 week belly shot. WARNING: I am huge!!!

I have lost 10 pounds and not gained anything, but I have an extremely short torso. Any height I have is in my legs. I always show sooner than everyone else, even with my first pregnancy!

I am currently 18 weeks pregnant and we find out the gender December 20th. I will be letting you all know ON Christmas Day because that is when we will be announcing the gender.

As far as names go:

Boy - James Keith - James is Jon's grandpa's name and Keith is my grandpa's name. We wanted to honor the great-grandpas!

Girl - Josie - The middle name is still up in the air lol. We narrowed it down but the first name is FOR SURE Josie and that is my aunt's nickname.

So let's talk about my Merry Pregnant Christmas Event!

Next week I will be reviewing the Boppy Total Body Pregnancy Pillow, The Baby Bump book, MommyDop Fetal Doppler, Intelligender and Safeway.com.

All of these will include amazing giveaways!!


  1. nice! Congrats on your baby. I'm 26 weeks and did an Intelligender, the chinese birth chart, and one on a forum I go on. They all said girl and I'm having a boy ha ha

  2. Jesus, you are huge! I have a short torso too but MAN, that is a bump and a half! So cute though! Are you feeling the baby yet? I felt the first movements just shy of 16 weeks even though my son was my first baby.

    I wish I had done a gender prediction test! I actually found out the sex at our 16 week appointment and I would have loved to 'confirm' with a test. :)