Saturday, March 26, 2011

Baby Has an Agenda!

Hey guys! Sorry it has been forever since I have updated or posted, but my baby has been ornery! I was just released from the hospital after being in preterm labor at 32 weeks. They gave me magnesium for 48 hours to get the steroid shots in and then treated me with antibiotics. It was 4 days of craziness! I went into the hospital thinking I had a kidney infection and found out I was in labor! I am currently 4 cms dilated and 100% effaced. We don't know how long I will walk around like this but for now I am on bedrest and not allowed to do anything! This means good news for my poor neglected blog and for my awesome readers.

In the next few days I plan on getting the rest of my blog reviews/giveaways posted and listed on giveaway sites. I have 5 or 6 commitments left and I promise to get them up! I have no excuses unless I go into labor! I will keep you all posted and updated and I plan on getting an updated pregnancy picture up here too!

I love you all and thank you all for your support and for reading and putting up with my neglect!



  1. Oh, wow! Sounds like that baby is impatient to come out and be with everyone! :-P Glad to hear you're doing all right otherwise, even if it means bedrest-- I was on modified bedrest for the last few weeks of pregnancy, so I know (a little) how that goes. My advice? GET. NETFLIX. LOL! I'll be praying for you!

  2. Oh my gosh! Pregnancy is such a wild ride! I'm praying for you! :)