Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Roller Coaster Ride

At my OB appointment on Monday I was sent to triage to be monitored and they ended up admitting me....again! I was having contractions 3 mins apart ALL day. Around 9 pm I was checked and found to be 5 1/2 cms dilated. Because I am only 36 weeks, my hospital has a "no push no pull" policy. What this means is, they wont stop my labor at this point, but they wont do anything to help it along either. The next day my contractions slowed to 10 mins apart and that was that. I was sent home 5 1/2 cms dilated. lol. I didn't even know this was possible!

I am currently working on 2 different posts - Kiki's Fashions and Swaddle Designs(though I am hoping I can post a picture of my new baby with this one!). And once again I am sorry for the delay. I cant believe the wild ride Miss Josie is taking me on!

I am staying positive and looking at it this way - I am already over 1/2 way done and maybe this is how I am supposed to get my VBA2C? I think God is letting me get most of the work done so I can have an easy labor and get the VBAC that I least I hope!

I will keep everyone updated and I am hoping to get a post up tomorrow as long as I don't go into labor!



  1. The best for you and your baby! Take care and keep us updated please!

  2. Wow! 5 1/2 is great. I can't believe they sent you home that dialated. I hope you have a fast and easy labor. Can't wait to see the announcement of her arrival.