Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pure Bar Flavors, My Opinion

From the Pure Organic line:

Chocolate Brownie - I absolutely adored this bar. I am a dark chocolate freak and I love knowing I was eating something organic and healthy. We cant always have brownies, but one of these bars every once and awhile is a safe choice. If you love dark chocolate and walnuts, buy this bad boy!

Wild Blueberry - My husband actually got to eat this bar and he said it was awesome. This bar is packed with blueberries, dates, almonds and cashews. This was the first one he tried and it definitely sold him.

Cherry Cashew - This was my favorite Pure bar. Cherries are probably my favorite fruit. I could eat them all day and this bar put me in my comfort zone. I think I will always have one of these bars stashed in my diaper bag for emergencies. I think every mom can relate to not taking time to eat while out and about. This is my go to bar! Everything about this was delicious. If you love cherries and cashews, you will love this!

Apple Cinnamon - This was not my favorite, but I am not big on apple cinnamon foods in general. It just reminds me of cooked apples, which I am not a huge fan of. This bar wasn't disgusting by any means. I say I dont like it out of personal preferences for not wanting apple cinnamon. If you love apple cinnamon, you will love this bar for sure. I did like that this bar also has walnuts in it though!

Cranberry Orange - If this flavor comination sounds a bit crazy to you, dont worry. You are not alone. I thought it was a little nuts too, but I ended up loving it! It's perfectly sweet and tart, with almonds thrown in for a kick. I highly recommend this Pure Bar, it was such a surprise.

Pure Naturals line:

Chocolate Almond - This bar was more like a granola bar or trail mix bar. I definitely liked the Chocolate Brownie bar better, but this was still good! If I want something crunchy, I would definitely reach for this.

Peanut Raisin Crunch - My husband ate this one, as he is obsessed with peanuts. He said it was pretty good but wasn't sure about the raisins. He isn't a huge raisin fan, but he said this reminded him of trail mix in a bar form.

Superfruit Nutty Crunch - This was by far my favorite Pure Naturals Bar. It was heavenly! It's sweet and tart and nutty and wonderful! If you love pomegranates, blueberries, cranberries, almonds and peanuts, then look no further. This is the snack for you!

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