Thursday, May 18, 2017

I Missed You Guys

I just wanted to pop into this space and post a quick blog about my upcoming blog plans. Life took over and this space just could not be a part of my time. You will read all about our struggles later, but for now, hi! I miss pouring myself into these virtual pages. I sat down and made a list of items I want to prioritize in my life and this made the list(along with regular pedicures and more chocolate).

I have about 50 blog drafts all going at once and I'm hoping to hit publish daily. I want to share a LOT of my thoughts, share tips from a homeschooling mom of many, and maybe even throw up a couple reviews.

I also want to dive into a ton of homeschool blogs so I can share my journey and also try to figure out which curriculum choices to make this year. I am looking for a major overhaul and I'm leaning towards Bookshark curriculum. More about all of that later!

For now, welcome. To those who have stuck around, thank you! I hope to expand on this little space of mine and do some major updates.

So much love to you all! Oh, and here is cutie pie baby in our favorite cloth diapers, Thirsties!

Say hello to baby #5 Lilah Ann. Birth story coming soon! I'm only 16 months late. 😂


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