Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Resuable Produce Bags

Okay, so I know I have been slacking on these reviews and it looks like my children are cooperating tonight so I'm going to get a couple done!

The really sweet and kind ladies at QuertyO on Etsy sent me two different reusable produce bags to try out and review. First of all I can't say enough about their customer service! She included the sweetest note with the bags and just treated me like she knew me forever! I can guarantee if you purchase anything from them you will get nothing but utmost respect and customer care! Her daughter makes these reusable produce bags to save for college, which makes it a very special purchase! Who wouldn't want an AMAZING product where proceeds are going to pay for a young girls' college education?

I went to the grocery store and purchased several different produce items and happily put them in my new bags. They hold up great and I didn't have to reach for those awful plastic bags! They are much sturdier as well. I remember buying corn and putting them in those thin bags and it burst right through. I put a couple of ears of corn in these reusable bags with confidence!

It made me giggle when the check-out girl gave me a funny look like "Where did you find these?" hehe. I am proud to be doing my part and am certainly going to be ordering more!!

All I can say is these bags are wonderful. There are several forums with members who swear by them as well. They are inexpensive, one bag will run you $2.00, and very durable. These bags will last a looong time. I stored them right in my fridge in those bags as well.

You can wash these under tap water and roll them up in a towel and they are immediately dry. Perfect! I also store these, once my produce got gobbled up, in my reusable shopping bags so I don't forget them at the store.

These ladies get an A++ for a quality product. They also sell reusable Swiffer cloths, reusable kitchen towels as well as many other fantastic products. I can't wait to get some of those Swiffer pads!

You can purchase any of these items here:

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