Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Right now I am as crunchy as yogurt

I started this blog so I can hold myself accountable for becoming a much more green/crunchy mama. I want this for my health, my husband's health and most importantly, my children's health! I am married to the sweetest man on earth, Jonathan, who doesn't mind me wanting to go green and is happy if I'm happy! I have an adorable, hyper and very loving little boy, Michael, born October 10,2006 and a happy, smiley, ornery baby girl, Violet, born February 3, 2009. I am in love with my life...just not the color. I'm kinda brown, I want to be GREEN! I really care about this earth and here I am! I'll be updating very frequently and reviewing a bunch of green products I try out! Keep on watching, hopefully we can all learn about the earth and being more natural together! Let's get back to our roots!

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