Monday, August 31, 2009

Booty Cubes

Booty Cubes are little soap bits that you dissolve and use on cloth baby wipes! These little darlings are my new best friend and my newest cloth diapering accessory!

I received several samples from this sweet lady and boy am I glad I did. They have found a customer for life!

What Did I Do and How Did I Use Them?

I followed the directions on her lovely site!

Dissolve one or two cubes in hot water and stir it up until it is dissolved. This didn't work too well for me so I microwaved it for 10 seconds at a time. Once it was all melted I poured the solution into a spray bottle and set it aside to cool down.

I couldn't wait for a diaper change! The smell was heavenly. I tried the lavender/chamomile scent and instantly fell in love with it. I always have loved lavender scented baby products because they always seem to calm my children. Maybe it's in my head, but I am glad I get to enjoy the scents if nothing else!

You can also pour this solution over wipes in a wipes container, but I have read that it is only good to keep for a day or two before dumping and I wanted to use every drop of these cubes.

I sprayed it right on my 7 month old's butt and she laughed! Then I sprayed a little on a cloth wipe and it got her bottom squeaky clean and smelling lovely!

I really do believe whatever she puts into these cubes is magic because my daughter's butt has never looked better! Usually we have a small amount of redness and with this we have NONE. It is way better than any solution disposable wipes have!

How much do these gems cost?

$5.80 for 2 ounces. Let me break this down for you. Two ounces is about 45 cubes. One cube makes one cup (8 ounces) of solution. If you mix 3 cubes in with 24 ounces of solution every week, one package of cubes will last you four months! AMAZING! I know for a fact you couldn't get that far with Huggies wipes and you definitely wont get the yummy fragrances and super healing powers!

RUN, don't walk to get these cubes, they will last you forever compared to traditional baby wipes!

You can buy these guys here:


One lucky winner will win 2 sample packs of booty cubes from me!

The scents you will win are Cucumber Melon(8 soap bits) and Mandarin Pink Grape fruit(4 soap bits)

Please tell me why you want to try these Booty Cubes, and if you use them already, tell me why you love them!

Please post your name and location as results will be posted this way.

Winners will be chosen randomly with

Contest runs from today August 31st through September 14th. Winners will be posted on September 15th.

Good luck and get yourself some Booty Cubes!

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  1. I would love to try these! I currently use my handmade wipes w/ just warm water, but there are times I wish I had something "more" - I miss a nice scent :)

    I'm Jackie - you can reach me at