Monday, August 31, 2009

MetroMamma Wrap

So I tried almost every buckle and ring carrier out there with so much disappointment. I am short, 5'3" and those carriers hung down way too low on my frame. I wanted to give up baby wearing forever!

I stumbled across these carriers online and figured I had to try ONE more time and honestly, I couldn't be happier with the results. I know my blog has all happy reviews, but these products rock and I am just being honest here!

I have never had a baby carrier be this comfortable!

I got a BLING carrier like the one in the picture. Mine has a peace sign but is the Seattle sage green color. It is beautiful and so so so soft and luxurious feeling. The first time I wore this it was to the grocery store and my trip was so easy! My baby was entertained and happy bouncing in the carrier and my 3 year old held my hand. No lugging the car seat on and off the cart! The second time I wore this wrap was at the zoo and it was a lifesaver! My toddler had the option of riding in the stroller if he got tired and my baby happily bounced in this carrier the whole time. I think it really made her feel included instead of just thrown in a stroller. She got to touch rails and flowers and really get a good look at things!

Be prepared for many strangers to ask you where you got your wrap! Everyone seems so curious about it and I gladly tell them where to find one!

The comment I get the most? "WOW she looks COMFORTABLE! Most babies look miserable in a carrier!" I completely agree, my baby loves it and I am a believer!

A couple of things I found helpful:

- After you wash it, it shrinks a little and you should tighten it pretty tight the next time you go to use it. I did NOT do this after the first time I washed it and after a few minutes my baby stretched it back out and I had to refasten it.
- Make sure you smooth it out as you're putting it on because any kinks in it will feel like a pea under a mattress haha. It really bugged me if they weren't perfectly smooth.
- Any stains came right out of this wrap and it is gorgeous all over again!
- Dont let the massive amount of fabric get you overwhelmed, these babies are one size fits all and the excess fabric just wraps around your waist. It is totally comfortable.

I urge you to not let the cost deter you from getting one of these gorgeous and functional wraps! Keep all these points in mind when thinking about buying one:
- They are super easy to put on, adjust and tie.
- They go with you anywhere. I keep mine folded in my diaper bag.
- They look beautiful on! I put mine on before I leave the house to go shopping.
- You wont find a more comfortable baby carrier!
- You get to cuddle your baby while out and about, doing chores and cleaning or shopping without a dead arm!
- These wraps adjust to multiple carry positions - facing in, facing out, nursing and cradle carry.
- This wrap can be used on newborns up to 38 pounds!

The original MetroWrap is $79.99 and the BLING Wrap is $129.99.

These are well worth the money you put into them!

Go check out the website here:

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