Wednesday, August 5, 2009

KOR ONE Hydration Vessel

I just received my KOR ONE Hydration Vessel in the mail today and I am in LOVE. The customer service with this company is amazing and you can really tell they care about their cause. I couldn't wait to try out this product, so here is my review. These bottles are shipped, so of course there is a brown cardboard box that it comes in, but that's it! No extra packaging. The information leaflet is inside the bottle. That made me very happy. So often I find green companies send their products with way too much packaging. This was refreshing. And so was the design! These water bottles are beautiful! Things I like about the design: The drinking spout on it feels good when I take a drink. I know it sounds weird, but the shape of it is perfect, the opening isn't too big or too little. I also like the that lid closes shut and you have to use a button to open it. I know my water will not be contaminated and I will have no leaks. I even left it on it's side for a bit with water in it and had no problems. These bottles come with something they call "KOR stones" and when you flip the lid open you see these little messages. Right now mine says "Laugh Often", there are others to choose from and they even give you a blank one to write what you want. I thought that was cute. These bottles are BPA free, which means I don't have to worry about leaching of harmful chemicals into my drinking water! Each one of the 4 different KOR ONE Hydration Bottles represents a specific water related cause and 1% of sales goes towards these causes. Mine represents Watershed Protection and sales benefit The Wetlands. There is also Ocean Protection, and sales benefit Algalita Marine Research, this one is Ice Blue. Another bottle is for Container Recycling, and sales benefit The Container Recycling Institute. It is called Sunset Orange. The last bottle is for Global Water Crisis, where sales benefit The Container Recycling Institute and this one is Orchid Pink. I really think this is a great green company with exceptional people working for them and an amazing, eco-friendly product. Ditch those one use water bottles and go pick up one of these Hydration Vessels! You can purchase these at the Kor Website, as well as from several retail locations that they do list on their site. Each one will run you $29.95, but these will last a long time!! Well worth it! I think i see and Orchid Pink one in my future!

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