Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Hey guys!! I haven't vanished haha. I have been receiving product here and there and holding off on the reviews because I wanted to do 2 bulk reviews of different products. One having to do with reusable mestrual products(pads,cups,etc). And one having to do with different baby things(cloth diapers, accessories for cloth diapering, wraps and slings, etc) I am getting products to review, but some wont be here until after August. After much debate, I decided to just do the individual reviews, so starting tomorrow I am going to be pumping these out for ya! I also will be having a mama pads giveaway of several different brands and types, I'm just waiting on a pocket style one to test out and add to the giveaway. So bare with me! I'm gonna get it done! And companies who have sent me prodcut to review, have no fear, they are coming, I promise!!

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