Thursday, November 19, 2009

Finding My Voice

I hear that a lot in the blogging world. "Find your blogging voice". I find myself wondering what my voice is!

I love all things green and eco-friendly, I love wearing my baby in slings and wraps, I love baking, I love sewing/scrapbooking and crafts, I love beauty products and anything to give myself a treat every now and then. I also love anything to do with babies and children! I want to homeschool my kids. If I could live off the grid I would! But I love jewelry and make-up and dresses. I love art and playing hide and seek with my son. I love clothing from the 40s and the freeness of the 70s. I love tattoos and body piercings. I am so cheap! I love coupons and almost everything I buy I have a deal on! I'm a saver by nature. I love to hike, but I am not an outdoorsey kind of person. I want to tie dye my bed sheets and pierce my nose. I hate spending money on myself. I still have a 20 pound weight loss journey ahead of me. I have never been camping. I dont know how to drive a car. I'm scared of spiders.....

This list could go on and on. I am not sure where my voice lies and I dont really feel comfortable with making my blog one way or another. I want it to just be me. Everything you see in this blog is a reflection of me. Every giveaway, every review, every blog post. It is all me. That is really the only "voice" I can give because I dont want to limit my posting to one topic, such as eco-friendly. My life is so much more than that. I hope you all keep reading!


  1. Hi Danielle!

    I feel the same way you do. My love for nature and the environment shows within my website, but I am so much more than just a green momma. I stopped focusing on only eco-friendly topics and began posting on what ever I feel like sharing. I'm sure some will criticize saying my writing is all over the place and I will lose followers, but why limit myself? I'm a hippie by nature, not stereotype and enjoy all aspects of life.

  2. Exactly!! I am so glad I am not alone. It really isn't in my nature to conform. I will make my blog whatever I want it to be! I love so many things in my life too and I feel like sharing them all. I dont understand why people feel like they can only talk about one thing on a blog.