Thursday, November 19, 2009

Make-up Tips For Moms

If you're like me, you spent plenty of time getting pretty in the morning before having kids. Once I had my son, I was lucky to get dressed on a daily basis. After my daughter was born it got even worse! It is so easy to fall into a slump and not do your hair and make-up every day, but I learned to take the time to make myself feel pretty. No one deserves 15 minutes of luxury like a mom. Being a stay at home mom, I am so lucky to get dressed every day. Most days my hair makes it into a pony tail and no make-up hits my face. Some days I was lucky to get a shower!

It's time to change all that. We all deserve our ME time. We deserve to put some make-up on mamas! I know I feel way better about still carrying around an extra 20 pounds of baby weight when I have some make-up on and my hair is done. It boosts your spirits, and although it certainly is of no concern to me, my husband sure thanks me for looking a little like the woman he married.

Here are some tips I have learned along the way!

I wasn't sure about tinted moisturizer at first, but I have fallen in love! It does multiple things in one easy step and for me, that means I actually get to put some make-up on! Use one with SPF and you are fighting the sun, moisturizing and adding a little coverage all in one easy step!

I always throw a little color onto my face to wake myself up. A little blush or some eyeshadow really go a long way and they are so quick to apply.

I read that make-up experts say if you only have time for one beauty thing, make it your lips. A little long lasting lipstick or tinted gloss will instantly wake you up. I used to wear lip gloss all the time and really got away from it, but now I wear a tinted gloss almost on a daily basis because it makes me feel pretty. Even if I cant put mascara on or eye liner, I always dab a little gloss on and I feel like a woman again and not just a mommy!

Hopefully you guys find these tips helpful! I know I wish someone would have given me a little advice! Most of you are smarties and probably already know this stuff though!

I am hoping to get to feature some beauty products that I think moms will appreciate! My blog is mostly about organic and natural things, but us moms deserve some beauty products and jewelry as well!

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