Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Holidays Are Coming!

What are your traditions? Here are some fun and earth friendly ideas!

1) Use recyclable wrapping paper or better yet, fabric bags and cloth that can be reused each year! This year we are giving our presents in reusable shopping bags! You can also use pictures your child has colored on instead of throwing them away!

2) Open one present at a time. In my house one person opens their present while everyone watches. It is a ritual! We love it and it makes opening presents last longer and each present becomes much more special.

3) Make homemade cleaners, cookies, or other items to give to people instead of commercial products!

4) Volunteer for a homeless shelter or food bank. Pick up trash you see outside, do what you can to give to others this time of year!

5) Plan a make-it-together activity. We always have a family cookie baking day and we assemble gingerbread houses. We also have our 3 year old make homemade ornaments to give to family every year to teach him to give and not just receive! Oriental Trading Company has great cheap kits!

6) Recycle your dead Christmas tree instead of throwing it away. I have to say we use a fake tree only because our children are little and I dont need them eating pine trees. Artificial trees really aren't the most earth friendly option! Artificial trees are not renewable or recyclable like real trees are. Someone smack my wrist!

7) Go look at Christmas lights!

8) Make a countdown to Christmas holiday chain. My kids pull one off each day in December!

These are just SOME ideas, and they can be adopted for any holiday!

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