Saturday, November 14, 2009


I met my Husband in Arizona, where I am from. He came here from PA to go to Motorcycle Mechanics Institute and I met him through a mutual friend. We were instantly inseparable. We moved in together after 4 months, were married after a year(May 2006) and then had our baby boy, Michael(October 2006). It was a whirlwind! I wouldn't change one second of it though! We moved to PA before our son was born and my husband began working for Hoopes Brothers, a farm there, in December. He loved it and they loved him! After about 1 1/2 years of marriage, my Husband was working on a tractor at the farm and his wedding band slipped off his finger. It was always too big, but we never got it re sized. Well, he couldn't find it. He looked and looked and even used a metal detector to try to find it with no luck. We moved back to Arizona after about a year of looking for it and decided to make peace with the fact that it was gone. He wouldnt let me buy him a new wedding ring because, "that was the one we got married with!" So he has been ringless for 2 years.

Yesterday I checked the mail and there was a padded envelope from Jon's bosses in PA. I thought it was strange that they sent us something and even more strange that they had our new address. I opened it and inside a small envelope I felt the outline of a ring and I lost it! I had to wait 2 whole hours for my husband to get home and when he did he opened it. We nearly peed our pants! They FOUND his ring for him!

So we called them and apparently they know a guy who finds things like that with a metal detector. It was burried 8 inches in the ground. It is all dingy and dirty but we are so thrilled to have it back! We were in shock all night. We never thought we would see it again!

The symbolism here?

Love is never truly gone. Even when you are mad at the person you love, that love always comes back to you. People who say they fell out of love were never truly in love. I know that no matter where we are or what we are doing, our love is strong.

I also learned that you really can be genuinely surprised sometimes and that miracles DO happen!

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    Just wanted to tell you that I love this story! What a great post and how cool that they found your husband's ring! I can't believe you managed to wait the full two hours until he got home to open it! :)