Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Flower Duet Review!

I got to try out an amazing flower arranging DVD called Flower Duet and I can honestly say I wont buy prearranged flowers anymore! Have you ever gone to pick up a bunch of flowers to give to someone and wanted to cry? Practically every time I go to the store they all look withered or near dead. I never have any luck! At least one or 2 flowers in those bouquets look horrible. With this DVD, I can customize my own!

When I tested this DVD, I went to my local grocery store and picked 3 different bunches of flowers that I thought looked good together. I took them home, and the sweet Casey and Kit showed me how to make them gorgeous! These two sisters are as sweet as candy and really know their stuff! They show you in a few easy steps how to take those store bought flowers to the next level. When I was done, I ended up with a gorgeous bouquet! I got to toss the withered flowers and just keep the nice ones!

This is the first, of hopefully many more DVDs to come and in this one, they show you how to make European wrapped or hand-tied bouquets. These are perfect for any occasion. This DVD would have been spectacular for my wedding! I loved how in the DVD they take you to their local flower shop and teach you how to pick the best and freshest flowers. They also show you how to make them last longer!

I encourage any about-to-be bride to purchase this DVD and save yourself some money! They teach you how to make bouquets that are gorgeous for any wedding! These sisters are absolutely professional and so personable! I cant wait to wow my family members with amazing bouquets for birthdays and holidays, especially Mother's Day!

I didn't get a picture of my bouquet, but here are some amazing pictures of some they have done:

I want to make this for Easter so bad! So creative and so gorgeous!

I really, really want to make a huge bouquet like this Mother's Day Flowers one for my Mom for Mom's Day! So spectacular and to die for! The best part? It's homemade because I will be arranging it!

Fall Flower Wrap
My grandmother would die for Fall flowers this heavenly!

Flower Duet really teaches you how to make these jaw dropping bouquets!

To purchase the DVD, check out this link! It is worth every penny!($29.95)

They also sell a Flower Party In-A-Box! I think it would be so much fun to have a flower arranging party! I may have to try this anyways!

I know it's a ways off, but I hope I can arrange the flowers for my daughter's wedding one day! :) I think flower arranging brings out the girl in all of us!

A HUGE thank you to the sweeties at Flower Duet for letting me review your wonderful DVD!

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  1. How cool - I too love the bouquet with the Peeps! My mom loves to arrange flowers and is really good at it, but I'm sure she'd get a boat load of new ideas to try with something like this!