Saturday, January 16, 2010

Of The Earth Paper Review!

We're going to talk about an amazingly eco-friendly product: hand-made paper! I stumbled across the cutest hand-made paper website called Of the Earth ( I was incredibly excited to get to try some of their seed embedded paper because I wanted to use something like this for my daughter's 1st birthday invitations. My daughter's name is Violet and so we want a flower theme. This paper ties in beautifully.

Of the Earth
was founded in 1995 by Kevin and Lori Graham. They shared a passion for the world around them(like me!). They hand-made over 300 different pieces of paper including invitations and reply cards for their own wedding! These were individually formed pieces of paper, some with flowers applied! Kevin and Lori decided they wanted to make a difference on this earth and hoped to encourage people to use eco-friendly wedding invitations. I think this is so smart! How many tons of paper are used every year just for weddings? I would say TONS! Of the Earth keeps the earth in mind and uses environmentally friendly practices, like using recycled/recovered water.

Here is their Green Printing page:

Of the Earth sent me seed embedded printer paper to review and my homemade, printed invitations turned out beautifully! I loved that I got to include a little note that they can plant these and watch flowers grow. It makes me happy that they will get to think of my little Violet's first birthday as they watch the flowers bloom!

You can order a vast variety of samples for your own paper purposes here:

They have everything under the sun available! Here are a few pictures of what they have to offer:

Seed Embedded Gift Boxes!

Seed Embedded Gift Bags!

Here is the Seed Embedded Paper!

Isn't it all gorgeous? I loooooove that you can plant all of these! How amazing would it be to use those gift bags for wedding favors? I would have loved these for my wedding! While I can't go back in time, I can enjoy using the printer paper for my darling daughter's birthday!

To purchase your own goodies from Of the Earth, head here:

or here:

A package of 25 sheets of seed embedded printer paper costs $11.49! Such a killer deal!

A HUGE thank you to Of the Earth for this tremendous review opportunity!

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