Friday, January 22, 2010


If you have seen the weather over Arizona the past few days, you'll see horrible rain. We desert dwellers are not used to this rain! My electricity has gone off then on several times and it is so frustrating! I will not have any new reviews up tonight but will be doing reviews for Earthlust and Skin MD tomorrow!

Things That Make Scents

The Joy of Soap

Soda Stream

and Scandle Candle.

All of those companies' reviews will be up sometime next week! Whew! I am really enjoying blogging and am looking forward to the schedule I put in place for this house to start helping me! Life is so unpredictable with 2 little ones running around! Check out the reviews and giveaways I currently have up and I hope you all enjoy reading! Oh! Tomorrow I will also be posting some new pictures of my gorgeous children! My daughter's first birthday party is going to be January 31st and she turns 1 on Feb 3rd! So exciting! My Golden Birthday is on Sunday and my husband is taking me out! woohoo!

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