Tuesday, April 13, 2010

More updates!

Okay guys, you have been oh so patient! My reviews are written, just needing to be posted. I have a couple of emails in to the companies to verify giveaways and as soon as I get the answers I need, they will be posted! Just a click of my mouse and they will be here. Almost all of my reviews will be up before the weekend, since next week will be crazy with packing for our trip to Pennsylvania. We will be gone April 24th through May 2nd and there will be no reviews/giveaways posted during that time. All winners will be notified when I get back, even though some of the giveaways end while I am away! We are so excited to see family and have a nice vacation! TONS of reviews and giveaways are planned for May! I will be a very busy mama!

Giveaways I will have up by the weekend:

Peek a boo Nursing Top

Eco Tools Make-up brushes

Hot Milk Lingerie

Dittany Baby H2O Sling review

Belly Bar

Snap Ez Cloth Diaper

Whew! They will all be up and running guys! Promise! The first three are all done, just waiting on an email and they will go up!

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