Wednesday, April 14, 2010

These Come From Trees

In honor of Earth Day coming up, I wanted to take a minute and mention an amazing idea a friend of mine came across and forwarded on to me!

These Come From Trees Sticker

These Come From Trees is a website aimed at helping people use less paper towels in restrooms and other places. You can purchase stickers of your own and feel a little sneaky sticking them on paper towel dispensers in bathrooms of restaurants, movie theaters, airports, etc. I love this idea and I do not consider it vandalism! It's time to get drastic people. I really feel like if someone saw this sticker on a paper towel dispenser, that they would use less. Maybe they will go home and buy their own stickers to stick around town. Sometimes people just need a friendly little reminder. I just purchased a 20 pack of stickers for $5.00. We will be traveling after Earth Day and I plan on sticking these in restrooms as I go!

Click the picture above to head to the website and get your own stickers!

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