Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Peek-a-boo Nursingwear Review

I am a die hard nursing Mom and nursing advocate. Most people who know me, know this. I feel like there is nothing more beautiful or natural than a Mom nursing their baby. Too bad not everyone feels the same way I do about breastfeeding. Especially in public places. I actually find it very disturbing that our society finds it acceptable for young girls to prance around in next to nothing, but Mothers get weird looks while they breastfeed their baby. I think I will never forget Maggie Gyllenhaal breastfeeding in public and all the tabloids went ballistic. Why was that such a controversy? Was it REALLY that big of a deal? I say way to go Maggie and way to go to all you other nursing Moms who have the guts to feed your baby lunch while you eat yours! I nurse in public, but I have to admit I am not a fan of the looks I get. They make me very uncomfortable. I am also not a fan of my Husband telling me to "cover up" every five minutes. Do you know how hard it is to keep a receiving blanket over a nursing baby, especially an older nursing baby? So frustrating. This story has a point and that point is....Peek-a-boo nursing tops and dresses are my lifesaver! I am so delighted to find truly functional nursingwear!

So, let me show you a picture of one of the tops and my little story up above might make a little bit more sense:

So the tops have an extra layer over them, but only from the collar to past the breasts. When you are ready to nurse you pull the bottom layer down a little bit and the top layer up. The outcome? A latched on baby, no side skin showing and no cleavage showing at all! I loved it! I am so happy to own the Nursing Tank by Peek-a-boo! It is a very thin fabric and not bulky at all. It has side ruching and hugs my body nicely. I love that you can't even see the top layer when I wear this tank. I also like that I can layer it under other tops to have the same outcome. I have worn it all by itself and with other tops and every time I feel amazing in my Peek-a-boo tank! I put it on and asked my Husband if I looked funny and he was confused about why! I showed him the hidden panel and he said he never would have known!

It is a real joy and a blessing to have reliable nursingwear. It is a shame that Mom's have to worry and feel ashamed, but that is our society. I no longer have to feel awkward or nervous and peer around to make sure no one is watching me! Peek-a-boo made me comfortable and confident - what every Mom should feel!

Check out Peek-a-boo for their entire collection. Most things retail for $60.00 - $75.00(tops, shirts, dresses). Email Peek-a-boo to purchase any items and for pricing. Mention that you came from my blog and you can get an additional 15-20% off!

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  1. ooh I really like the idea of these! I am so happy to be nursing again and proudly nurse in public, in fact today I nursed my 3 week old son at Panera and while he was in his sling in the consignment store :) I am not a fan of covering baby up, my boys never liked to be covered either, but I am also so sly and discreet most people do not know I am even nursing...I wish I could get one of these tanks though!