Thursday, May 27, 2010

ChicoBag Produce Bags Review and Giveaway

I adore my ChicoBags. I take them with me everywhere and they fold up into a little pouch that I can attach to my keys. I have no excuse not to use reusable bags while out and about! I had purchased reusable produce bags before, but nothing as adorable and convenient as ChicoBags' NEW Produce Stand Reusable Produce Bags!

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ChicoBags sent me their new starter set and I couldn't wait to use them at the store! The cashier asked me if the bag I was using was a special onion bag! haha. I showed him the pouch with the other two bags in it and told him they were for all produce. He thought that was cool and told me he needed some! I told him to check out ChicoBags online.

The Produce Stand Collection is the first set of reusable produce bags specifically desinged to maintain optimal humidity and air flow to keep fruits and veggies fresher longer! The set comes with three different bags and each is constructed from a different type of fabric for different types of produce. All three bags are machine washable and fit into the adorable apple pouch that also comes with a clip! I clip this to the handles of my reusable grocery bags so I always have it with me!

The Hemp-Cotton blend bag is designed to hold leafy greens and green beans. This bag absorbes excess moisture. The rePETe bag is perfect for holding squash, broccoli, carrots and celery because it restricts airflow and locks in moisture. The Mesh rePETe is ideal for apples, oranges, potatoes and onions and allows ethylene gas to escape. The rePETe and Mesh RePETe are made from 99% recycled materials!

I am in love with these bags and I have used mine dozens of times already and they still look brand new. I love that I can throw them in the washing machine and I love that I am saving the Earth little by little!

The complete starter kit sells for a mere $14.99 and is worth every single penny! Don't use those single use produce bags anymore. Remember, plastic will never decompose. Every piece of plastic that has ever been on the Earth, is still on this Earth! So scary! Purchase your Starter Kit here!


Win your own Produce Stand Collection by ChicoBag™!
ChicoBag™ is hosting a Produce Stand giveaway and will be selecting 10 winners to receive the new Produce Stand Collection. Contest ends June 4th 2010. Click here to enter to win!

Good Luck to all of my readers!! Go enter this one, it is such a great giveaway and so good for the Earth!

Disclaimer: I received a Starter Set of produce bags to review. I was not paid for my opinion, and all opinions are my own!

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