Wednesday, June 23, 2010

All About Me Post #1

In honor of letting you all know a little bit more about me, I wanted to do a weekly All About Me segment. Here is my first post for two reasons. 1) I am completely unmotivated to write a review. I had the LONGEST day helping my aunt clean all the walls in her new house so that we can paint Saturday. My kids have been cranky all day. Now I am cranky! I will be playing catch-up all day tomorrow. 2) I'm feeling emotional and when I am emotional, I like to write. Just so you all know, the next 3 items up for review and giveaway are Health Pod Baby, Simple Green and Eden's Bouquet!

So I thought I would tell you a few random things about me!

I HATE shoes. I wrote about this in my About Me section, but only briefly. I hate hate hate shoes. I live in flip flops nearly year round. This is not good for my flat as a board feet, but I will deal with that once my back starts hurting!

I do not drive. Again, something I talked about in my About Me section. Okay, give it to me. Lecture me. Everyone does! I cant help it. It terrifies me. Now let me clarify. I enrolled in Drivers Ed in Feb and took an 8 hour classroom thing to get my permit. Now I have been driving with my Husband and have been having a BLAST. I should have done this MUCH sooner. I get 2 three hour driving lessons with an instructor and then they give me my license! Hopefully this will happen in August or September because I really want to enroll my son in a play group of some kind!

This kind of brings me to my next About Me blip. I desperately want to homeschool my children. I am not against public school, but I am for my kids. My Husband and I had nothing but horrible experiences and I want my kids to love learning. If you homeschool, shout some tips to me! I would love to hear stories from you guys.

I adore canning, especially homemade Jam! In fact, I am about to make peach and raspberry jam to give as Christmas presents this year.

I want a buttload of kids! Yes, I think I would have 10 or more if Jon would let me and we could afford them! Right now we are thinking 4 and I am happy with that. We already have 2. Michael is 3 1/2 and Violet is 16 months. We are going to be trying for #3 though, so we will see! It took us one try with our son and seven months with Violet. Who knows what will happen. I adore the age spacing between my son and daughter though, about 2 1/2 years. They get along so well and I never feel overwhelmed. We want that 2 1/2 year difference again and so we are trying again! I will be posting all about that adventure on here!

And now my daughter. Violet decided to get into the baby powder. All we could do was laugh and take pictures. Lucky for us, the mess wasn't huge!

Yes she is wearing a horrible disposable! lol We use them at night if my Goodmamas are dirty and in this case they were! Little girl had to get into something before bed. She then proceeded to rub all the powder on her belly :)

Thanks for getting to know me better!



  1. I read somewhere that sandals are actually good for your knees, because they encourage natural step, rather than those shoes that you don't even get your foot anywhere near the ground.

    Good luck with the driving!! My scariest moment driving: first time on the highway! I was terrified! But you know what? I lived. And no one hit me. And I didn't hit anyone else.

    I don't have any homeschooling tips, I'm sorry. We are thinking about homeschooling. We both had positive public school experiences, but we are Catholic and question the way morals are going and being pushed in our country lately. So we are thinking of homeschooling or private schooling. (In other words, we'd homeschool if we couldn't afford private!! In PA homeschooling will be pretty easy for us because if I have a teaching licence, I don't have to do as much paperwork reporting to the state. Which means I need to go do my student teaching already!) And my brother was homeschooled. I guess from seeing that, I'd say take advantage of field trips, for real life learning. (learn percentages at the store, go to the zoo when you're doing biology, etc.) My brother learned a lot of real life things, that I missed being locked up in the school building with infrequent field trips.

  2. Yes! I want those kinds of experiences for my kids. To live life. Kids spend all day at school and then come home and do homework. It really bothers me. I want my kids to do their work and then live their life.

    Oh wow I didn't know that about sandals! I am going to have to read up on that.

    Thanks so much for reading this and for your awesome comments! I love getting to know you better too!