Thursday, June 24, 2010


So I know I STILL dont have new reviews and giveaways up. I swear I am working! I have a couple of drafts saved that will go up in the morning! What is going up in the morning?

Health Pod

Eden's Bouquet

Simple Green

I also have a giveaway for this awesome etsy shop called Cookstah to put up. All of these will be up for the weekend. Next week I have commitments with:

Bath Luve

Izzie N Friends

Bella Materna

Snug Fits

And a secret, surprise, ultra awesome review and giveaway! Once all those are done next week, then we will have a fresh new month and I will be all caught up! July is technically my blog's one year anniversary, though I didn't get REALLY start until November 2009. However, July 2009 is when I started and that is when we will celebrate! I have some really great reviews and giveaways for July, so I hope you are all getting excited. I do plan on getting a list posted so you know what to expect.

So what did I get done tonight? 3 drafts! I posted 8 products on all 5 of my giveaway sites, updated my blog calendar, cleaned up my email, posted 5 or 6 discount codes for you guys under Discounts in my right sidebar, wrote some people back, emailed all of my winner info to the respective companies, read a twitter tutorial because I am twitter dumb aaaaand now I am writing this! So, I have been doing a ton of things behind the scenes for you guys and I need to stay organized! Does anyone else have issues with organized emails? I made a bunch of folders and sorted my little heart out. Now I feel like I can breathe. I dont have to worry about missing an important email and I am all ready to get posts up tomorrow!

What do you all have planned for the weekend? Oh! Tomorrow is also Free For All Friday, so come link up with me once I get it posted!! We will be painting my aunt's house on Saturday again and on Sunday we are taking the kids swimming! Not sure what else we will be up to!

Thanks for all of your support!


I wanted to add that for the Prego Planner, I had it ending June 16th, because I apparently had a brain fart. One of my awesome friends pointed this out and I changed it to the right date of July 16th! Those of you who have entered, thank you and for those that thought it had ended, it didn't and please enter!

Also, Woohoo!! 500 followers! You guys rock!

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