Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bella Materna Review!

As many of you know I fully support breastfeeding. I DO NOT judge those who don't want to breastfeed or who have problems and can't. Breastfeeding came incredibly easy to me right from the start with both of my kids and I pray it will be just as easy with my third. That being said, I really should have invested in some good, high-quality nursing attire. It really would have saved my life. Until recently, I didn't own nursing tops or nursing covers, and I feel dumb for not purchasing them sooner! A few key pieces can make nursing a much more enjoyable experience, and I fully support any company who has the backs of nursing Mamas!

I had an amazing chance to review Bella Materna's Anytime Nursing Gown and I think I have died and gone to Heaven! So obviously, if I had never owned a nursing top, I sure as heck didn't own nursing sleepwear. Oh what a fool I have been. Not only is the Anytime Nursing Gown extremely comfortable to sleep in and amazing for breastfeeding in the middle of the night, it is perfect to wander around the house in a daze in. Have a look:


I received this gown in black and I wear it all the time! What I love about Bella Materna pieces is they are meant to last. These are perfect to purchase during your first pregnancy and can be used until you are done having kids(okay, unless you're a Duggar). I also love that it can be worn during pregnancy as a maternity piece that transitions to a nursing piece. This is great for new Moms who are regaining their body shape(oh who am I kidding, my daughter is 17 months old and I am still working on it!). It really can be worn anytime!

This gown sells for $98.00 and it is worth every single penny! Like I said, it will last you. It is very well made and I am so happy to keep wearing it until we get pregnant with our third, throughout that pregnancy and while nursing my third! You definitely get your money's worth.

Bella Materna also carries Nursing Bras:


Maternity Nursing Camisoles:


Maternity Underwear:


And much, much more! Check it all out at the Bella Materna Website, here!

I am extremely happy with my experience with Bella Materna and I cannot wait to purchase some of their bras when I get pregnant again!

A HUGE thank you to Bella Materna for this amazing review opportunity!

Disclaimer: I received product to review. I was not paid to write this review and all opinions are my own!

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