Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

At the Arizona Sonoran Desert Museum


  1. Gorgeous! I've lived here in AZ my entire life and have never been there... Time for a road trip! =)

  2. yes! It is amazing to teach kids about the desert. We look at scorpions under black lights and they have all the desert animals out there in exhibits. You walk around, and learn. My favorite is the hummingbird exhibit! You can walk around with hummingbirds and they fly right up to you. For us it was important to teach Michael what scorpions and other harmful animals are so he knew to stay away from them. We saw the wolves and my son said "Mommy this is what a wolf does" and he blew really hard and said "They blow the houses down!" lol. Really a great place. We have a membership and in the Summer they do Summer Saturday evenings so it isnt as hot. Hubby wanted to catch the sunset out on that ramada.