Saturday, July 31, 2010

Carson Dellosa Summer Bridge Activities PK to K Book Review

Right now my Husband and I are struggling with what we should do with our kids' education. We don't feel like public school is right and we can't afford private school. We have discussed homeschooling, but we aren't 100% on anything yet. I think it's good to explore our options and I am happy that this is America and we have options! Either way we decide to go, the Summer Bridge Activities Book for Pk to K will be an excellent addition to throw into the mix. If our kids do public school, then this book is perfect to have them work on all Summer long. I always felt like 2 or 3 months is a long time to pass not doing any form of schoolwork, this book keeps kids up on the skills they learned the previous year. I love that idea!

Summer Bridge Activities

The book helps prepare students for kindergarten and is perfect to work on with my almost four year old.

It includes subjects like:

Early Learning Skills






I love that it comes with bonus Flash Cards and Stickers! There are 20 days worth of pages for each section, which if you take 5 days a week times 4 weeks, would be 20 days! I think this could be spread out a little bit more as well. I think as long as you work on it little by little, it will all be good!

My favorite part is the Summer reading list! It's adorable. Any recommendations help me immensely! Each section had a word list of commonly used words and a place to write monthly goals.

The back of the book has Bonus pages to work on things like tracing their letters and numbers. My son gets a kick out of the star stickers too!

I think every parent should purchase this book, or any of the others appropriate for your child's age group and work with them in the Summer. Whether you homeschool, or not, this is a gem! The books are $14.95 for 160 pages!

Purchase any of the Summer Bridge Activities books here!

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